Sometimes ignorance is the answer

Next time a Presidential candidate comes around that is as wholly unqualified for the office as Donald Trump is – ignore him. The power of ignorance is what we have forgotten, and it was our inability to give discredit where discredit is due that allowed Donald Trump into the nation’s highest office. In a race to the bottom, the ugly underbelly won. Yet, here we sit, wondering how we got there.

If as many people came to one place to do something productive as the protesters in Washington D.C. and across the nation did today, our country would be a better place. Instead, nothing productive was done, and we still have Donald Trump as our President.

Left-wing protesters who are appalled by law enforcement’s use of riot control tactics to handle crowds in the streets on Inauguration Day are getting exactly what they asked for in the form of more government. When the people concentrate power into the hands of an omnipotent authority, we get a government that has the ability to do everything both agreeable and atrocious.

The United States is in its second year of the Donald Trump charade, and now we’ve bought into it for at least another four. The purchase was funded by tweets, posts, pics and reaction no matter if it was positive or negative.

New York Times estimates that Trump had earned $2 billion in free press coverage by March 2016. Instead of ignoring Trump’s words, the media echoed them.

When you give your platform to Donald Trump, he wins because, ultimately, people focus on “Trump” in the message. He outlasted the leaks, the exposés, and the commentary. We blew it. The chance to ignore Trump the candidate is unavoidable because now he is Trump the President. Now, his actions have consequences and we have given up the power to stop them.

Instead of living to spite Trump, it is time to live despite Trump. Further your own agenda. When you surrender a platform to commentary on the Presidential election, you put Trump’s name before your own.

Reinvest in discretion and diligence. No press is bad press.

Brad Omland works as a radio producer. He earned a Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Political Science and Contemporary Media & Journalism in May 2013. Follow him on Twitter: @bradradio.



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