Optimism: Minnesota’s favorite sport

What a great season! I never expected it! We’ll get ’em again next year! These are the platitudes you will hear to describe the Minnesota Twins season.

Tonight’s game was approached with the exact opposite attitude compared to the season’s start. In April, we were still the rebuilding team coming off a 100-loss season, equipped with a new front office who was in for a long slough.

But, tonight we came into the game in New York with a chip, a chair, and a chance. Tonight could have been the night we finally took down the Yankees, who had previously eliminated us in the first round of the playoffs in 2003, 2004, 2007, and 2010. The optimism was at fever pitch once again!

With just one game in our way, we relied on the words of Minnesota’s most famous hockey coach Herb Brooks when he said, “We could play them 10 times and they might beat us nine, but not this time!”

Well, tonight was this time. Once again, we find ourselves relying on moral victories, eternal optimism, and perilous hope to console ourselves after the loss.

Just like Charlie Brown and his football, created by Minnesota illustrator Charles Schulz, we relish in the “what if’s” of the set up, bask in the glory of the run up, and then come crashing down to earth as the football is pulled out from under us once again.

To some, this is no way to live, but it is the Minnesota way. The let down of Minnesota’s sports teams and the blind faith of the fans will forever be ingrained in the state’s identity. Despite these follies, we will always come back for more.

After all, now is no time to be disloyal. The front office has us on the right track! Paul Molitor is in the running for Manager of the Year! We will be even better when we get our pitching staff figured out next season!

Boy, wasn’t that fun?

Brad Omland is a writer and radio producer. His work has appeared on Bleacher Report, SB Nation and FOX Sports.

Follow Brad on Twitter: @bradradio.


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